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Behold, thy King cometh, rebuking the madness with a jawbone.

You likely clicked to this page for one of two reasons.



If the former is the case; please pray for me that God would show me, what you so lovingly would like to show me. (Please make sure you read all links and the very important primer page.)

If the latter is the case; please pray and seek God daily His child, I look forward to seeing you in Heaven. (Please make sure you read the bible and the very important prayer page.)


I cannot respond to the same ad nauseam, carnal and prideful denominational questions; so my epistles will need to speak for themselves.  Not unlike attending church or watching a sermon on television; one cannot raise their hand or a letter, to get through the usher mafia or secretary filter to correct the so-called ‘man of God’, nor debate with Paul.  I love all of you dearly, enough to share my burden and life if needs be.  Know that all uplift the Lord together in different ways, as a body with various functions and outcomes.

Nevertheless, where the clergy’s humble hearts have hardened; the Lord never uses a scalpel where a rod of iron is required. Therefore it is with full sincerity and acknowledgment of the gravity of the subject I write.  I have not asked for your donation, opinion, approval nor praise.  As freely you have received, freely read.  If this site or an epistle was a blessing, feel free to post it at will on other study or reference sites.  

What I have written, I have written. 

Only the Father of Lights shall be my judge, on that most refulgent day.


For the word of the Lord came to me and said.  You are sent unto the found sheep, to feed and minimize the falling away.  


In His Honored Service;

the donkey

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