Thief In The Night

*All scriptures are underlined*

Love all men with the passion of Christ, yet scourge error with the Father’s wrath. This exhortation is not to exalt your tithe purchased, push button story of the days of vengeance.  It is rather to tear down incorrect teachings and minimize casualties of those that will lose faith and be led into the ‘falling away’; of which is prophesied to send Christians into the lake of fire. This responsibility and rebuke starts with those in leadership first. For the Holy Spirit expressly speaks; for the end of all flesh is come before me, write these things for the time is at hand.

Unto all the angels of the churches in Babylon write; Woe unto you pastors and teachers, that destroy and scatter the sheep of my pasture!  Many pastors have destroyed my vineyard, they have trodden my portion underfoot, they have made my pleasant portion a desolate wilderness. You weave calming words to pacify fleshly fears of tribulation, only to augment the necessity offering. You seek the doctrine of devils to justify your bottomless selfishness for preservation’s sake. You secretly look at the judgments with fear and trembling.  Beyond reproach, brutish and sleepless you lie; praying the popular ‘thesis’ is true, so the flock is not led astray and that many stripes are not laid upon you.  Fear neither wormwood nor the locust, but fear Him that can kill both body and soul. Stand strong, be ready, turn from your purchased sermons, denominational fears, and expect to defend the hope of His coming with your very life.  Fear not the creation, but the Creator.

Howl, ye shepherds, and cry; and wallow yourselves in the ashes, ye principal of the flock. You have suckled from the tree of perversion, you have lied a great lie and profaned the holy words of Messiah.  The Lord your God proclaims ‘After‘, yet you scream with the spirit of the antichrist from your pulpit, which whispers to the Church the lustful word ‘Before‘.  Thus the fold will prophetically, yet horrifically lose their precious faith in this visible world and the blessed hope of His coming, when the waters and moon turn red. You prey on the minds that are not renewed to trust in the invisible more than the former. These wolves howl vague verses to establish concrete dogma, silencing direct quotes of the Lamb.  Therefore we have given ourselves over to the gluttony of the slaughter to be hand-fed by liars.

Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers, how can ye escape the damnation of hell?  Wherefore, behold, I send unto you prophets and wise men, and scribes: and some of them ye shall kill and scourge.  There are not handfuls of prophets, teachers, or those that scribe the unsearchable riches, but millions.   If only they would stop listening to those who alter Christ’s prophetic teachings and seek God with their body, soul, spirit, and time.  Then the clear understanding of prophecy would be ubiquitous.   We are far too selfish with the cares of our lives, to hunt, prepare, and ingest what God would to show us. O ‘man of God’, for the little meat you did find, you hid for both fear and silver.  Instead, you have chosen to serve milk mingled with vinegar upon a sponge to her wanton lips. You have caused her to walk the broad streets, seeking He who is altogether lovely; only to be beaten by other watchmen.   For this I am against you, says He who has the eyes of the sun. Thus she runs to men for her daily bread, yet runs from the sacrifice of her daily time and the inventor of time itself.   Nevertheless, you tempt her to seek those ‘men of God’ who promise the stability of the tangible, with escape from the inevitable.   Therefore she chose to titillate her ears at the table of the popular;  which prepare milk-laden doctrine seasoned with blasphemy. Lie upon lie, deceit upon deceit; hear a little, and care a little; the fable thickens, as the falling away oblation is prepared.

Confusion of prophecy is due to the hero worship of some man of God’s doctrine and the inversion of priorities, fueled by our own greed and selfishness.   This results in a reversal of our time and trust in our Heavenly Father and ultimately time and trust in the creation.    We greedily cling to time and trust in the tangible, which pacifies reality for our carnal minds.   Eventually, time stops and everything will implode to a singularity.    A thousand at thy side and ten thousand on your right.   The man of God’s escapism theology will crumble when the flock scatters and he beholds the reward of the wicked with his own eyes.

O generation of vipers, who hath warned you to flee from the wrath to come? Humble yourselves and forget all that men have taught you about prophecy, including that which is on this site. Put not your trust in princes nor in the sons of men. Ask the Holy Spirit to show you all things to come.  He is more than faithful to amaze and nurture you into all truth if you seek Father more than once a week in a public country club. This includes those bloated ministers who are unreachable by their flock; yet demand the adoration of their terrified staff, of whom suffer the abominable practice of pastor worship.